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Faisal Al-Da'aja

User Experience Designer

About Me

Hello, The design is not just thinking about usability, covering all use cases and scenarios, but should also be thinking around the product from the awareness stage to the loyalty stage. This means the UX and CX work together to find all correct flows for users and customers.

Also, the professional design doesn't stop at this point but extends to the attention of all audiences, for example: the business owners, developers, product managers and all users types are your audiences. This is called a "human experience" HX.

Beyond that, the wise and deep thinking is essential for each designer to maintain a balance between the consistency of your product and other products used by potential users.

After 12 years of experience in digital design and based on qualitative & quantitative analyses of how people are using technology and what are the needs and goals of the audiences. I can say that I bring an engineering perspective and a creative problem-solving approach to build products and experiences people love and easy to use and how can make things better.

All of that came after I have been designing/developing mobile & web-based platforms for many years. And I honed my craft at companies like Maktoob, Yahoo!, N2V, MBC Group, Souq.com and Amazon.com.

  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • UX Strategy
  • UX research
  • Interaction design
  • Customer journey
  • Usability Testing
  • Digital guidelines
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Redesign your outdated
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What I do

User experience design

The process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction with a product.

User interface design

The visual layout of the elements that a user might interact with in a website or mobile app, or technological product.

Interaction design

Understanding and designing how people interact with the digital product.

UX Strategy

The plan and approach for a digital product by User Research, Competitor Analysis, Customer journey mapping and Service Blueprint.

Usability testing

The evaluation of the product by testing to see how easy to use it with real users by feedback, A/B testing, eye-tracking, accessibility analysis and surveys.

UX audit

Pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users and stymieing conversions.


University of Jordan, Jordan


BA in Computer Information System

Prince Faisal - Collage


Diploma in Information Technology

Al-Mqablain High School


Tawjihi Student – Science Major

Work Experience

UX Manager

May 2017 – Present
Responsibility :
  • Worked on Amazon global store design on Souq.com.
  • Worked on RTL Amazon.ae e-commerce screens for mobile apps and web.

UX Manager

Jun 2016 – May 2017
Responsibility :
  • Recommend best approaches (flows, wireframes and prototypes) for implementation of user experience for the buyers.
  • Recommend the improvement areas plus prospective competitive advantages
  • Collaborate with various teams to design end-to-end chain of features.
  • Lead the UX of an existing digital property (and multiple digital touch-points) for consumer usefulness, usability, accessibility, visual design,
  • Understanding the importance of analysis and iteration as it applies to user testing, user feedback, A/B testing, conversion rate, and more
  • Build and leading a team of User Experience at souq
  • Providing guidance to the team and assist them in removing any roadblocks
  • Identify design tools, guidelines,new design techniques and processes that evolve existing approaches for the larger creative UX community at Souq
  • Understand how to use specialist software such as Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Axure and Origami to enable you to design front-end experiences for potential users

Senior UX Designer

Oct 2014 – Jun 2016
Responsibility :
  • I worked on Selling-center wireframes and completion of the creation of the major style guide components to improve UX on Selling center for web and mobile.
  • Searched for the most critical success factor for information architecture based on a clear definition of the problems and needs of the sellers.
  • Applied all material design rules in the design / development.
  • Connected the dots between business needs, innovation and good design.
  • Shared all Front-end technologies such SASS, Grunt, Foundation and bootstrap.

UI/UX Designer

Jan 2014 - Sep 2014

Senior Front-End Developer

May 2013 - Jan 2014
Responsibility :
  • I played a major role in the design / Front-end and launch of projects/sites in the geeky environment

Entrepreneur In Residence

Jan 2012 - May 2013
Responsibility :
  • I played a major role in the design / development and launch of projects in the geeky environments of the largest internet holding companies in the region.

Software Engineering

OCT 2009 - July 2012
Responsibility :
  • Worked on the frontend of the Yahoo! homepage and the development of bidi (bi-directional) support. Also worked on improving the performance of many websites using various performance optimization techniques with the help of tools like Yslow and PageSpeed Insights.

Web Designer

OCT 2008 - OCT 2009
Responsibility :
  • developing frontend localization toolbar for all Maktoob channels and maintaining compatibility with all platforms. I've also developed the frontend for Maktoob SSO, Helwa forums, Maktoob blog and most of Maktoob channels as well as a large number of micro-sites for Maktoob's clients at that time.

Web Designer and Frontend Developer Freelance

4 Years
Responsibility :
  • Designed & developed websites and internet platforms for many private and public firms.

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